OÜ Energoservis has qualified as the winner in tenders conducted by Elering AS and OÜ Elektrilevi. Out of all renovated 110 kV power transformers of Elering, 25% have been renovated by Energoservis. For 110-330 kV power transformers, the relative number is 50%. Almost 70% of all new 110-330 kV power transformer installed into the Estonian power grid have been installed by Energoservis OÜ.

We have extensive experience in the installation and renovation of Zaporožje and Togliatti 35-330 kV power transformers. Among others, we have undertaken the installation of Riga TEC-2 (330kV, 380MVA, produced by ZTR) installation in Latvia, major overhaul of ATR-1 ja ATR-2 (330kV,125MVA, both ZTR) power transformers in Valmiera, Latvia and ATR-1 transformer in Sindi (ZTR).

Additionaly, we have installed the A1T and A2T (330kV,200 MVA) transformers produced by CG Global in Tartu, A1T and A2T (both 330kV, 200MVA, produced by Chint) in Aruküla and the Paide A2T transformer (330kV, 200 MVA, produced by ABB). Also, our portfolio includes the installation of the Estlink-1 transformer (330kV, 400MVA, produced by ABB), the Harku A1T transformer (330kV, 200MVA, produced by CG Global) and Kiisa AREJ 3* transformer (330kV,73 MVA, produced by Hyandai).

In Finland, our portfolio includes the installation of Yllikkälä TR-1 transformer (400kV,400MVA, produced by Siemens), 400MVA/400kV transformer installation at Lavianvuori (Siemens), Kangasala 400 MVA 400 kV (Siemens), three 40 MVA 110/10 kV transformers in Porvoo (Siemens)  and a 25 MVA 110/20 kV Siemens transformer in Mäntsälä.


In addition to the abovementioned projects, we have experience with power transformers produced by Koncar (Croatia),  SGB (Germany) and VA Tech EBG (Austria), Xian (China), GBE (Italy), ETRA Kolektor (Slovenia) and BEST (Turkey).

Since 2009, we have undertaken different on-site repair projects on wind turbines in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.


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